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belton free

Naturally spraypainting!

Naturally spraypainting!
Ecological and high-quality painting with belton free. There has never been a paint spray like the new belton free. With its further developed water-based formula, it is now possible to achieve the painting result of a solvent-based paint spray - without annoying odours, aromatics, restrictions or ecological concerns. belton free is 99% water-based, odourless and almost solvent-free. Available as a spray paint and as a touch-up pencil.   

belton free spray paint is:

  • Ecological premium paint spray
  • Water-based spray paint technology
  • Odourless and almost solvent-free 
  • Suitable for children's toys (EN 71-3)

Can equipment

Second spray nozzle

To make painting large surfaces even easier: There is a wide-angle spray nozzle in every belton free lid. Simply remove the existing spray nozzle and insert the new one. (Spray pattern: normal spray nozzle, spray pattern: wide jet nozzle)


In addition to the realistic representation of the colours, the donut is specifically able to do one thing: Ensure safety. You can be absolutely certain that the can has never been used before. Once you have removed the inner cage of the donut, you can use it again as a children’s lock. Simply reinsert it as soon as you have finished your spray project. This prevents unintentional spraying. (Spray lock, colour donut)

Paint structure

Please note that the paint structures of the various belton free spray paint variants vary.
Orient yourself therefore on the paint structure stated on the bottom of the respective product.