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free Touch-up pencil radiator print

Water-based, non-yellowing radiator paint as a touch-up pencil for environmentally conscious paint touch-ups and embellishments on radiators. The touch-up stick is odour-reduced and heat-resistant up to 80°C. The radiator paint dries quickly and has good covering power.  Ideal for embellishments and paint repairs, without odour and time-consuming assembly and disassembly of radiators. Do not use primer or clear lacquer, as these are not temperature-resistant. Only apply the paint to cold radiators. 

belton free touch-up pencil - radiator paint:

  • For small paint repairs on radiators
  • Precise work due to paint dab brush
  • Water-based and odour-reduced
  • Yellowing and heat resistant up to 80°C

Note: Do not use primer or clear varnish. Paint only on cold objects. 

free Touch-up pencil radiator print

Colour selection

The colours used appear differently on the screen and are therefore not binding for technical reasons.

RAL 9016 (traffic white)
9 ml
Art. No.: 431610

There is no colour selection.

Paint structure


  • Binding agent base: Polyurethane dispersion water-based
  • Paint application: Precise work by paint dabbing brush
  • Layer thickness: ca. 30-50 µm
  • Ideal for touch ups and beautification
  • Drying times: 
    - dust-dry: after approx. 45 min.
    - fast-to-handling: after approx. 1 h
    - dry-hard: after approx. 24 h
  • Recoating:
    - with itself within 30 min.