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free Touch-up pencil primer

Water-based, white priming touch-up pencil for environmentally conscious paint touch-ups and embellishments. belton free is odourless and virtually solvent-free. The belton free primer touch-up pencil is used on galvanised steel, aluminium and non-ferrous metals before the paint is touched up with the colouring belton free touch-up pencil. Priming is optional on all other substrates, e.g. ferrous metals, wood, polystyrene, etc. The product dries quickly and is easy to apply. The product dries quickly and is economical. The optimum paint preparation for subsequent paint touch-ups. 

belton free touch-up pen - primer

  • Primer-paint stick as paint preparation
  • Odourless, as it is water-based
  • Very good adhesion
  • Precise work due to paint dabbing brush
free Touch-up pencil primer

Colour selection

The colours used appear differently on the screen and are therefore not binding for technical reasons.

9 ml
Art. No.: 431601

There is no colour selection.

Paint structure


  • Binding agent base: Polyurethane dispersion water-based
  • Paint application: Precise work by paint dabbing brush
  • Layer thickness: ca. 30-50 µm
  • Ideal for touch ups and beautification
  • Drying times: 
    - dust-dry: after approx. 45 min.
    - fast-to-handling: after approx. 1 h
    - dry-hard: after approx. 24 h
  • Recoating:
    - with itself within 30 min.