belton - Die Marke für dekoratives und kreatives Sprühlackieren

belton robust

Durably beautiful lacquered

As reliable all-rounders, the belton robust sprays stand out thanks to their classic artificial resin paintbase. Highly scratch resistant, weatherproof and solid, these products are highly suitable for outdoor applications and guarantee longstanding, clean and high-covering quality. belton robust is universal and can be used on e.g. wood, metal, glass, stone or various plastics. The users have the choice of a matt, satin gloss or full gloss recipe.

The all-round spray belton robust offers:

  • High-quality synthetic resin combination lacquer
  • Highest weather resistance and scratch resistance
  • Excellent covering power
  • Wide range of applications

Paint structure

Please note that the paint structures of the various belton robust spray paint variants vary.
Orient yourself therefore on the paint structure stated on the bottom of the respective product.