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spectRAL Clearcoat

belton spectRAL clear coats are high-quality colourless spray paints to seal the colour-tone accurate paintwork done with belton spectRAL colour paints over the long term. The belton spectRAL clear lacquers can be used universally and can also be used individually, as a colourless coating. 

belton spectRAL clear coat:

  • Fast drying and very good flow
  • Durable sealing and protection
  • Can be used indoors and outdoors
  • For do-it-yourselfers, craftsmen and industry
spectRAL Clearcoat

Colour selection

The colours used appear differently on the screen and are therefore not binding for technical reasons.

clear coat transparent
400 ml
Art. No.: 324299

clear coat transparent
150 ml
Art. No.: 354299

There is no colour selection.

clear coat transparent
400 ml
Art. No.: 324298

clear coat transparent
150 ml
Art. No.: 354298

There is no colour selection.

Paint structure

► Note: Please check plastic substrates for compatibility. All other surfaces, e.g. stone, clay, ceramics, rattan/bast, cardboard/paper should be primed with belton universal primer. Do not spray on synthetic resin painted surfaces as the paint may lift. 

  • Binding agent base: Nitro combination resins
  • Spray application: 2-3 evenly thin layer
  • Layer thickness: 40-50 µm
  • Spray distance: 15-25 cm
  • Drying times:
    - dust-dry: after approx. 20 min.
    - fast-to-handling: after approx. 60 min.
    - dry-hard: after approx. 24 h
  • Reacoating:
    with itself: at any time