Temporary marker

For temporary markings that will last for 2-8 weeks depending on the level of wear and the weather. Ideal for sports, events and hobbies. The fast drying special paint with 360° overhead function can be used indoors or outdoors and is suitable for a variety of surfaces.

Safety data sheet


Application: For temporary writing and marking on all absorbent and non-absorbent surfaces in sport, events, hobby fields etc. Marking remains visible For 2 – 8 weeks (depending on the weather)
Product benefits: High coverage and luminosity
Special fluorescent pigments
Temporary writing and marking
Fast drying and smooth running properties
Flexible spray application thanks to 360°C valve
Clean working with overhead function
Fast drying
Binding agent base: Special binding agent combination
Spray application:     Flexible 360°C spray application approx. 20 – 25 μm per spray coat
Drying times:dust-dry: after approx. 20 min.
fast-to-handling: after 90 min.
dry-hard: after approx. 12 hours
Recoating:with itself: at any time
with all belton paints: at any time
Paint structure:1. belton temporary marker
Note:Marking remains visible For 2 – 8 weeks (depending on the weather)
Also for vertical surfaces because the paint dries quickly and does not drip.

Colour tones

The colours used appear differently on the screen and are therefore not binding for technical reasons.

Colour Colour tones Art.-No.
signal white323 580
fluorescent yellow323 581
fluorescent orange323 582
red323 583
fluorescent green323 584

Stand: 21.10.2021

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