belton - Die Marke für dekoratives und kreatives Sprühlackieren

Spray paint is now also available in green*

The new belton free

Environmentally conscious and high-quality painting at the same time? This is now possible with the new belton free AQUAcolours, the top water-based product from belton. The formulation of the product has been further improved: 99% water-based, solvent-free and odourless. In addition, belton free is equipped with Green DME propellant. 100% painting results and a lasting spray experience.

What makes belton free special

Green propellant

Chemistry becomes organic

Did you know that organic waste is used in the production of spray paint cans? Spray paint made from rubbish? Well, not quite. But something like this: spray paint cans can be produced with "green" propellant. The starting product for the so-called green DME is methanol, which is obtained from bio-based, non-fossil raw materials. Green DME is a genuine alternative to conventional propellants. Green DME helps to save CO2 and reduces acid rain and ozone formation. And here's the best part: belton free uses Green DME.


Naturally water.

The main reason why belton free is so sustainable compared to conventional paint sprays is that water is used as a solvent in the paint. You might be thinking: Will it even last? Does it cover at all? Does it look good? The answer is: Yes, everything in the paint! Great to work with, great results and better for the environment. It's quite tricky from a technological point of view, but the belton free development team really went all out to create the perfect product: fast drying, high coverage, good adhesion and, of course, weather resistance.

Odour neutrality

Can you smell it?

Conventional paint sprays smell of solvent when sprayed. The odour can linger for days. You know that, don't you? Fortunately, there are now alternatives such as belton free. belton free uses the most obvious solution in the world as a paint spray: simply water. And that usually smells like what? Well, not at all. When using belton free paint spray, the only thing that remains is a "light whiff" like fresh wall paint. Absolutely nothing in the way of stinking, sharp or pungent.


I think I'm standing in a forest.

We are cooperating with "Plant-my-tree" for at least 5 years and supporting very specific reforestation projects in Germany. With our contribution, we organise the annual planting of 1,000 trees, which are sustainably managed on protected areas. This creates a near-natural mixed forest, which is important for biodiversity, i.e. the diversity of animals and plants to preserve our ecosystems. We are already looking forward to the creation of our first forest. We will of course keep you regularly informed about the growth and prosperity of our forest.


Advantages and features

  • Odourless
  • Suitable for indoor use
  • Spray distance 10-20 cm
  • High coverage
  • Weather-resistant
  • Very economical: 2m²
  • 99% water-based
  • Green-DME propellant
  • Suitable for children's toys
  • With 2 spray heads
  • Wide jet: large areas
  • Round jet: small objects

Spray paint is of course not only available in green

Variety of colours from matt to high-gloss

Step by step

Spray correctly

  1. The ideal working temperature is approximately +20 °C. Avoid direct sunlight and draughts.
  2. Remove the spray lock by first removing the spray head. Insert a screwdriver between the tab and the retaining ring. Use a downward motion to gently lift out the safety catch. Do not throw away the spray lock.
  3. Place one of the two spray heads back on the spray paint can with a slight twisting motion. Shake it thoroughly for 1 minute so that the colour pigments are evenly distributed.
  4. Before painting the actual object, test the colour and compatibility of the spray paint on a test object. Please note that all surfaces to be painted must be clean, dry and free of grease.
  5. Hold the can vertically and then spray several thin coats at a distance of 10 - 20 cm in a criss-cross pattern. Always start outside the object. After approx. 5 - 10 minutes, apply a final coat with even coverage.
  6. The painted object is dust-dry after approx. 60 minutes and ready for installation after 24 hours. Belton Free can be used both indoors and outdoors and is weather and UV resistant. Depending on the requirements and substrate, you can then coat the painted object with a belton free clear varnish. This allows you to achieve perfect painting results while protecting the environment.
  7. After spraying, you should turn the can upside down and operate the spray head until no paint and only propellant gas comes out. You can then replace the spray lock.

* Compared to conventional solvent-based paints, belton free is free from organic solvents and has a water content of 99%. This means that no solvents are released into the environment. Green DME propellant, which is obtained from bio-based raw materials, is used in belton free. CO2 emissions are reduced by approx. 50% compared to solvent-based paints.