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Liquid Chrome basecoat black

Exciting chrome effects in just
two simple steps

belton special Liquid Chrome basecoat black

This spray paint with a liquid chrome look is stylish and upmarket owing to the high percentage of metal particles. belton special liquid chrome is wear-resistant and therefore retains its shiny appearance for a long time – whatever you want to design or lend a high-quality metal look to.

Use Liquid Chrome basecoat black as a undercoat to achieve the unique liquid chrome look. After 20 min. drying time overcoat with belton Liquid Chrome effect paint.


Apply base coat

Apply liquid chrome effect

leave to dry for 20 min.ready! Fully dry in 24 hours


Application: belton special Liquid Chrome lends painted everyday objects a very special fluid chrome look that is achieved in a two-layer structure. Please observe the information about the paint structure and spray application! 
Product benefits: Very fluid chrome look
High-quality metallic chrome-silver effect
High percentage of specific metal particles
Very smooth running properties and fast drying
High wear resistance
Creates a special effect on everyday objects
The Liquid-Chrome effect is achieved in a two-layer structure (step 1–2)
Do not apply a clearcoat!
Please observe the information about the paint structure and spray application
Binding agent base: Special acrylic resin
Spray application:     1. belton special basecoat: 2-3 cross coats approx. 40-50 μm
2. belton special Liquid Chrome: 2-3 cross coats approx. 30-40 µm  
3. NO clearcoat!

Spray distance: 15-25 cm
Drying times:     1. belton special basecoat: approx. 20 min. (before coating with Liquid Chrome)
2. belton special Liquid Chrome: approx. 24 hours (painted object is Dry-hard)

Liquid Chrome:
dust-dry: after 20 min.
fast-to-handling: after 60 min.
dry-hard: after 24 hours
Recoating:with itself: at any time
Please observe the following paint structure in the belton special system:
Paint structure:Step 1. belton special basecoat
Step 2. belton special Liquid Chrome
Step 3. NO clearcoat
Step 1: The basecoat is applied all over the object in 2-3 cross coats.
Step 2: 3-4 thin layers of Liquid Chrome are applied to the dry basecoat.
Step 3: NO clearcoat
Note:The belton Liquid Chrome effect can only be achieved by priming first with belton special basecoat black (Art. No. 329 001) (observe paint structure 1-2).
Do not spray onto objects coated with artificial resin because the paint may lift.
Plastic parts (e.g. polypropylene, polyethylene) must be primed with belton basic plastic adhesion primer (Art. No. 323 505).
May NOT be coated with clearcoat because otherwise the special chrome effect will be lost.

belton special Liquid Chrome Effect

belton special
belton special
Liquid Chrome-
effect paint

Colour result
329 001
(150 ml) 
329 200
Liquid Chrome
(150 ml)