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Gold effect

Everything that needs to shine in gold can be transformed in no time at all with this effect paint. An elegant, metallic shiny gold effect is created on smooth surfaces. Especially suitable for indoors. Not wear-resistant. Do not coat with a clearcoat.


Application: For decorative paint coats in a gold effect. For painted objects made of metal, wood, plastics, polystyrene, stone, clay, ceramics, glass as well as rattan/bast and card/paper etc.
Product benefits: Elegant gold effect and metallic shine
High coverage and fast drying
Very good running properties and easy to process
Very economic
Particularly suited for use indoors (not wear-resistant)
Ideal for hobby and decoration objects such as e.g. candle holders etc.
Do not apply a clearcoat
Note: Cap does not correspond exactly to the content
Binding agent base: Acrylic resin 
Spray application:     for 1 cross coat: approx. 15-20 μm
Spray distance: 15-25 cm
Drying times:     dust-dry: after 20 min.
fast-to-handling: after 60 min.
dry-hard: after approx. 12 hours
Recoating:with itself: at any time
Paint structure:Metal:
1. belton basic anti-corrosion primer (outdoor)  
2. belton basic universal primer
3. belton special gold effect
1. belton basic wood primer
2. belton special gold effect
1. belton basic plastic adhesion primer
2. belton special gold effect
1. belton basic polystyrene primer
2. belton special gold effect
Note:Do NOT apply a clearcoat, because otherwise the special gold effect will be lost.
Please check the compatibility of plastic surfaces. All other surfaces, such as e.g. stone, clay, ceramics, glass, rattan/bast, card/paper need to be primed with belton universal primer.
The surface to be painted must be clean, dry and free of grease.

Colour tones

The colours used appear differently on the screen and are therefore not binding for technical reasons.

Colour Colour tones Art.-No.
Gold effect323 199326 021