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Enamel spray paint

To repair scratches, small spot damage or upgrade objects made of enamel, such as bowls, buckets or other items. For external repairs to sinks, shower or bath tubs. Paint will not remain permanently on large surfaces.


Application: Enamel paint spray to repair enamel surfaces and upgrade enamel objects, such as bowls, buckets etc. Also for "white" household goods.
Product benefits: Special spray paint for enamel surfaces
Nostalgic enamel surfaces indoors and outdoors
Good coverage and fast drying
Very good running properties and easy to process
Ideal for "old" enamel objects, such as e.g. bowls, cans etc.
Also for "white" household goods, such as e.g. refrigerators, washing machines etc.
Large repairs e.g. of bath tubs are not possible
Binding agent base: Nitro combination resins
Spray application:     for 2 cross coats: approx. 40-50 μm
Spray distance: 15-25 cm
Drying times:     dust-dry: after approx. 20 min.
fast-to-handling: after approx. 60 min.
dry-hard: after approx. 12 hours
Recoating:with itself: at any time
with all belton paints
Paint structure:1. belton basic universal primer (optional)
2. belton special enamel-Spray paint
Note:Long-term large repairs e.g. of bath tubs, sinks etc. are not possible.
Do not spray onto synthetic resin coated surfaces because the paint may lift.

Colour tones

The colours used appear differently on the screen and are therefore not binding for technical reasons.

Colour Colour tones Art.-No.
white323 465