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  • Kwasny spray can handle

    Art.-No.: 746 200 loose
    Art.-No.: 746 202 blistered


    Spray can handle for simple standard handling when painting with belton or other spray paint products.

  • Benefits:

    • Simple, labour-saving handling
    • Secure painting results
    • No impact or interference of the spray jet
    • Handling like a painting gun

  • Kwasny spray head set

    Art.-No.: 746 203


    Spray head set with various spray heads for flexible use with belton spray paint cans or other Kwasny spray paints.

  • Benefits:

    • 4 different spray heads for small, medium and larger surfaces
    • For improved painting results
    • Spray jet is matched to the respective painted object or the painting requirements
    • Spread heads can be used more than once
    • Content: 6 spray heads