Textile stencil

Textile stencil technique 

Have you ever thought about spray painting material or a drape? A completely innovative previously undisclosed creative technique exclusively from belton: the material drape serves as the motif, the belton paint sprays provide the creative colours.

  • What you need: Your preferred colour shade from the belton colour tone ranges spectRAL, perfect, ecolor etc. A material drape (with motifs, partially transparent). Canvas frame, scissors for cutting the material drape, adhesive spray and a dust cloth for cleaning.


    Step 2: Now paint with various matching colours. belton paint sprays are the creative colour provider, the transparency of the material drape provides the motif. Just use your favourite colours from the belton range as you like.


  • Beforehand / untreated: The untreated canvas frame is the perfect surface for this very special creative technique. The matching material drape is available from furniture and furnishing stores. You will be surprised how a unique piece like this can be created using belton paint sprays and this kind of material.


    Afterwards / result: And now the most exciting moment: After removing the material, the decorative image is revealed in all its glory. The secret: the paint is applied through the openings in the motif and ensures a unique combination of colours. Infinite opportunities await you.


  • Step 1: After cutting the material drape, it is attached carefully to the canvas frame using adhesive spray. Smooth the material flat with your hand. Please work carefully because the preparation has a significant impact on the painting results.