Stone design

Turned to stone

How do I turn untypical stone objects into deceptively real stone and granite imitations? It is hard to believe that the belton paint sprays are capable of a transformation of this kind. You need to take a very close look to see that it is not real stone or granite.

  • What you need: belton granite effect 400 ml in the colour of your choice, belton polystyrene primer 400 ml and if necessary cleaning materials because the objects, in this case polystyrene, must be clean, dry and free of grease. belton granite effect can also be used on many other surfaces (e.g. metal, wood clay).


    Step 2: Simply the fact that the material is sprayed directly from the can makes painting with belton granite effect a real painting experience. The ideal spray distance for granite effect is 40-50 cm. Here again, the metal rod acts as a holder. Finish with a coat of belton effect clearcoat (Art. No. 323 399).


  • Beforehand / untreated: All kinds of decoration objects, such as plant pots, garden accessories, or the polystyrene decorative ball presented below, are ideally suited for being turned to granite.


    Afterwards / result: The very special paint effect: the final result makes the objects look deceptively like solid granite. An amazing transformation of untypical stone objects into stone designs. belton granite effect makes this possible at the 'push of a button'. The granite effect is suitable for a variety of surfaces.


  • Step 1: The decorative ball is primed with belton polystyrene primer (Art. No. 323 506) to create a smooth surface for the subsequent coat. Once dry, the decorative ball is painted with belton granite effect - in this case the sandstone granite effect (Art. No. 323 352) is used.