Stencil technique

Stencil technique with motif design

How can I turn a standard metal plant pot into a very unique item? Just use belton paint sprays, a positive stencil, in this case with a lizard motif (MDF-decor made of wood).          

  • What you need: belton spectRAL 400 ml or 150 ml. Adhesive tape, newspaper, sandpaper and cleaning materials. belton anti-corrosion primer 400 ml. MDF-decor, fixing or adhesive spray. Surfaces must be clean, dry and free of grease.


    Step 2: After drying, the positive stencils, in this case two lizards, are adhered to the painted plant pot with fixing or adhesive spray. Press the lizards down firmly and ensure they are positioned "at the same height".  


  • Beforehand / untreated: The old metal plant pot is really nondescript. This can be changed with a creative idea and a splash of paint. There are positive stencils with a number of motifs available. These are MDF-decors, usually in wood.


    Step 3: The plant pot sides are now painted in the contrasting colour of the opposite sides. The orange sides are painted in oxide red and the two red sides are painted in orange. When dry, the lizard stencils are removed carefully.


  • Step 1: Clean, remove any rust and then prime the plant pot. Then apply thin layers of belton spectRAL pure orange (RAL 2004 / Art. No. 324 032) and oxide red (RAL 3009 / Art. No. 324 047) in cross coats on the respectively opposite sides as shown here.       


    Afterwards / result: The amazing result: a plant pot with perfectly matching colours combined with an attractive lizard motif. This plant pot will be the envy of many visitors. The sky's the limit as far as motifs and designs are concerned.