Ornament stencil

Ornament stencil technique

Empty walls? No problem. The secret: artistic ornaments in a silhouette style. These kinds of motifs are 'in' at the moment and can be designed to match your home furnishings. Just spray your works of art yourself - it is not only a lot of fun, it also saves you money.        

  • What you need: Classic belton perfect 400 ml violet (Art. No. 328 115) and belton effect sprays, in this case belton bronze paint gold. Canvas frame, stencils, a transparent motif stencil, like here in a silhouette style, adhesive spray and dust cloth.


    Step 2: Once dry, use adhesive or fixing spray (here SprayTEC adhesive spray) to attach the motif stencil, here in a silhouette style, to the frame painted in violet. Tip: We recommend that you position the stencil in the middle - however all other ideas are welcome.


  • Beforehand / untreated: The empty canvas frame, in this case an upright format of 50x 70 cm, is ideal for self-designed artwork. There are no end of creative ideas, motif stencils and colour tones available from the belton paint spray range.


    Step 3: Now apply the paint in the contrasting colour tone, in this case belton bronze paint in the colour gold (Art. No. 323 153). Once dry, remove the stencil carefully from the painted canvas frame.


  • Step 1: Clean the canvas frame carefully with a cloth and then coat the entire frame as shown here with belton perfect violet. Alternatively, the water-based belton ecolor in RAL 4006 traffic purple or other colour tones from the belton paint spray series.   


    Afterwards / result: And enjoy the results: the "silhouette" and the previously violet surface now shine in "gold" and the surface that was covered by the stencil remains violet. A fascinating work of art, you can achieve yourself. Let your fantasy run wild.