Multicolour designs

Multicolour design on polystyrene

How do I paint difficult surfaces like polystyrene? All I need to do to transform polystyrene is a clever idea, the right belton-paint sprays and the respective special primer, of course also from the belton range. This primer can also be used with other belton-products on other surfaces.

  • What you need: belton terracotta effect 400 ml, belton polystyrene primer 400 ml and if necessary cleaning materials because the object that is to be painted, in this case the polystyrene, must be clean, dry and free of grease.


    Step 2: Once dry, the edge of the yellow polystyrene sun is painted in a different colour. The orient red shown here (Art. No. 323 601) is ideal. As you can see, the terracotta effect is not just something for plant pots and garden figures. Modern country house style at its best.


  • Beforehand / untreated: Simple objects, like this polystyrene sun, could do with a touch of paint. A multicolour design would do the dull sun the world of good. And all this combined with the belton terracotta effect, the paint spray for a special Mediterranean terracotta look.


    Afterwards / result: The result of this multicolour design is astounding: the boring polystyrene sun has been turned into a valuable piece in no time at all. There is no limit to your choice of object, colour tone or creative ideas, regardless of the belton paint spray you choose.


  • Step 1: The polystyrene sun is primed with the pore-filling belton polystyrene primer (Art. No. 323 506) and, once dry, is painted with the belton terracotta effect in Sahara yellow (Art. No. 323 602). A metal rod serves as a holder during painting.