Full-surface painting (3)

Environmentally compatible spray painting 

Who doesn't crave that? Environmentally compatible, ecologically sound spray painting without compromising on the painting results. This is now possible with belton free, the water-based quality paint spray for indoors and outdoors. Environmentally compatible, uncompromisingly good and safe for our surroundings.

  • What you need: belton free 250 ml or 150 ml-paint spray. Adhesive tape and newspaper for masking. Cleaning materials and sandpaper (if required) because the painted objects need to be clean, dry and free of grease.


    Step 2: The water-based, solvent-reduced belton free allows environmentally compatible and almost odour-free painting. The excellent coverage properties are comparable to solvent paints. Start outside the object, painting in cross coats.


  • Beforehand / untreated: Do you already know what you want to do with this plain children's furniture? Painting it would be a good idea but you are worried about odours and solvents in your child's bedroom?  An environmentally compatible alternative is belton free, the water-based, solvent-reduced paint spray.


    Afterwards / result: A result that is second to none: The previously plain children's furniture is like new and the beautiful colour contrast is an added extra. The children's furniture can be returned directly to your child's bedroom. belton free meets the requirements of the standard DIN EN 71-3 for children's toys (ILF-test report 3-328/10). Environmentally compatible quality paintwork really is "child's play".


  • Step 1: Clean the children's furniture, if necessary mask, sand and prime (belton wood primer, Art. No. 323 503). Then paint the furniture, as shown here, with belton free in rape yellow (Art. No. 331 002) and in gentian blue (Art. No. 331 006).