Full-surface painting (2)

Where brushes cannot go

With belton paint sprays you can also achieve excellent paint result even on difficult materials because belton perfect is distributed evenly, finely and precisely where you want the paint to go. belton perfect also allows very delicate paintwork to be completed - "spray art". The rule of thumb here is: the shorter the spray distance, the quicker you need to work.

  • What you need: belton perfect 400 ml or 150 ml premium paint spray. Adhesive tape and newspaper for masking. Cleaning materials e.g. brush or sponge. Surfaces must be clean, dry and free of grease.


    Step 2: belton perfect is the ideal for reaching difficult-to-access places or complex or round shapes simply and quickly, as shown here with this wicker chair. Here again, always start spraying outside the object and observe the correct spraying distance.


  • Beforehand / untreated: Ever tried to paint a wicker chair, dog's basket or a similar object (e.g. rattan, bast) with a brush? Frequently, the results are uneven and the paint does not reach the gaps.


    Afterwards / result: Perfect painting results with belton perfect. The high percentage of solids in the belton perfect products ensures extraordinarily high coverage compared to conventional spray paints. They are also ideal for other pieces of furniture, e.g. rattan items, whatever matches your own personal style.


  • Step 1: Before you end up wasting too much time, use the high-coverage belton perfect paint spray and the paint will go exactly where it is needed. Clean the wicker chair and then paint in belton perfect dark blue (Art. No. 328 113). Apply several layers of cross coats.