Full-surface painting (1)

Large painting tasks solved easily

belton perfect makes spray painting fun. If you need to paint larger surfaces, in this case a wooden fence, the user-friendly belton perfect products are ideal.  Easy to use, great performance and perfect painting results. belton robust, the paint spray in an artificial resin quality, is also excellently suited for weather-resistant outdoor paintwork.       

  • What you need: belton perfect 400 ml or 150 ml-paint spray. Adhesive tape and newspaper for masking. Cleaning materials and sandpaper (if required) because the painted objects need to be clean, dry and free of grease.


    Step 2: The mature belton perfect paint spray technology enables simple, fast and clean painting combined with excellent coverage right from the first coat. Less spray mist means less masking work. Always start spraying outside the object.


  • Beforehand / untreated: Ever tried to paint a fence with a brush? Too uneven, complicated and time-consuming. Also drips are created. Before you despair, try belton perfect, a top quality product from the belton range.


    Afterwards / result: The wooden fence, here painted in belton perfect dark blue, is as good as new. Belton perfect ensures colour and weather protection so that you can enjoy your fence for longer. belton perfect: tested quality for best painting results (ILF test stamp / test report 130303).


  • Step 1: Clean the wooden fence, if necessary mask, sand and prime (belton wood primer, Art. No. 323 503). Then apply belton perfect in dark blue (Art. No. 328 113) to the wooden fence in several layers of cross coats; observe the drying times between each coat.