Dot design

Dot design with adhesive dots

How do I turn an old object, a metal watering can, into an attractive, decorative eye catcher? The secret is "colour-blocking". This trendy creative technique is very easy when using belton paint sprays.           

  • What you need: belton spectRAL 400 ml or 150 ml. Adhesive tape, newspaper, sandpaper, cleaning materials and standard adhesive dots (on marking sheets). belton anti-corrosion primer 400 ml.


    Step 2: Observe a short drying time between the coats. Once dry, the adhesive dots should be adhered to the watering can in an even pattern.


  • Beforehand / untreated: The old metal watering can looks weathered. It could use a new lick of paint. The combination of belton paint sprays, a "colour-blocking" technique and the use of adhesive dots turn this watering can into a unique item.


    Step 3: Then the watering can is painted in several cross coats with belton spectRAL fire red (RAL 3000 / Art. No. 324040). After painting, the dots are removed from the can leaving precise circles.


  • Step 1: After removing all rust and priming the watering can, it is painted in several cross coats with belton spectRAL pure white (RAL 9010 / Art. No. 324190). It is advisable painting the object on a surface that can be turned over, such as cardboard or card. 


    Afterwards / result: And here the result: The "new" watering can in an attractive colour-block design. Very trendy. Red and white are the ideal contrasting colours for this creative technique. But other colour combinations such as blue and yellow are also suitable. The sky's the limit for your creative ideas.